Profile of Mian Muhammad Bukhsh Trust

Mian Muhammad Bukhsh Trust

Formation & Introduction of Trust

Mian Muhammad Bukhsh Trust (MMBT) is registered under the Society’s Registration Act 1860 and is duly certified by Pakistan Centre of Philanthropy for Internal Governance, Financial Management and Programme Delivery.  It has been serving the rural community surrounding Jhelum since 2006. The trust strives to support and facilitate the impoverished people in health and education.  The trust is named after the legendry Sufi poet Mian Muhammad Bukhsh, who lived in the area from1830-1907 AD.  MMBT draws inspiration to work for social cause and philanthropy from the divine teachings of Mian Muhammad Bukhsh (RA).  Founders of the trust started their work in education and health without having ample resources at hand.  Efforts and work of these volunteers was appreciated and the trust grew into a vibrant organization, backed by continuous community support. Commitment to cause and sincerity of purpose are the main contributing factors to our success.

The present trustees of MMBT developed a primary school for girls in 1996 on self-help basis. The school was later up-graded to secondary level and has now an enrolment capacity of 450 students.  In realization of the community health needs, MMBT conceived to develop a 120-beds, not-for-profit hospital to serve the rural population of Jhelum Plains.

Construction of MMBT Hospital was underway since 2010.  Infrastructure of Phase-I of the project, comprising 55 beds, with a covered area of 29,852 square feet and spread over five floors has been completed in January 2016. The hospital will serve 7 union councils (having over 150,000 poor / underprivileged rural population), devoid of suitable secondary healthcare facility in a radius of 15 KMs.  The hospital has been constructed on self-help basis. On completion, this charitable Centre of Excellence for Mother & Child Healthcare hospital will provide 24/7 emergency & ambulance services, comprehensive outpatient, diagnostic and indoor facilities in all major disciplines.

Six days a week, outpatients-clinic is already operative since 4th May 2008, having provided free consultation and medicines to over 364,322 deserving people.  MMBT organizes free medical camps every year, providing free medical consultations, diagnostics and treatment in all major specialties, to thousands of underprivileged patients.

Projects and services of MMBT have largely been funded through donations received from prosperous members of community and the philanthropists. We firmly believe that upbringing of marginalized sections of society is not possible without active involvement of the stakeholders. MMBT has worked by mobilizing the community and motivating the generous philanthropists to join hands, and pave the way to awareness, education, health and prosperity for the community.


A self-motivated, educated and healthy society where people live a quality life with respect and enjoy equal rights.


To improve the living standards, promote awareness, education and provide essential health facilities to the target population, with a focus on women, children and youth, through community participation.


  • To ensure better health for the less privileged segments of society through health awareness and easy access to the essential healthcare facilities.
  • To promote literacy at grass root level and establish low cost formal and informal schools especially for girls, in rural areas
  • To concentrate on women education in the areas where it is most neglected.
  • To empower the community through taking initiatives of involving women, youth and children.
  • To work in collaboration with various stakeholders and promote community participation.

Thematic Areas

  • Health, with a special  focus on mother and child health 
  • Education, through financing the talented students from marginalized communities
  • Community development through public awareness and learning of vocational skills. 

Core Values

  • Transparency 
  • Honesty 
  • Team work
  • Accountability  

Partners & Networks Affiliates

  1. Pakistan Pharmaceuticals Manufacturers Association – PPMA
  2. Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  3. Jhelum Royal Lions Club, Jhelum
  4. Pakistan Medical Association (PMA)
  5. Pakistan Red Crescent  Society  (PRCS )
  6. Fountain House Lahore
  7. Akhuwat
  8. Friends Pharma, Lahore
  9. Punjab Welfare Trust for the Disabled
  10. People of Japan through Embassy of Japan, Islamabad
  11. HOPE International Development Agency, Canada
  12. Cancer Care Hospital & Research Centre

Achievements of MMBT

  1. First Phase of MMBT Hospital. Infrastructure of First Phase of the hospital, comprising 55 beds has been completed, at an approximate cost of PKR 170 Million, raised through voluntary donations.
  2. Free Outpatients’ Clinic (including provision of free medicines).  The trust has been operating a free Outpatient Clinic at MMBT Hospital site since 2008 and over 364,322 deserving patients have benefitted from the facility so far.  The clinic also receives weekly visits of a consultant gynecologist.
  3. Free Medical Camps.​The trust has so far established 8 free medical camps and 182,760 patients have been provided free diagnostic and treatment services
  4. Awareness walks and seminars on dengue fever
  5. Diabetes awareness seminars
  6. Free Diabetes Camp
  7. Chest Diseases Camp
  8. Seminar on Woman Health
  9. Enrolment of Social Health Workers (SHWs)
  10. Seminar on Breast Cancer and Mammogram: In this seminar national and international specialist doctors participated and delivered lectures on symptoms, treatment and prevention measures about breast cancer
  11. 9th-14thOctober, 2017 observed as week for screening breast cancer through mammogram and 180 women were screened during the week.
  12. An efficient and technically sound financial system supported by well-defined policies and procedures
  13. Good working relationships with donors, government and partner communities
  14. An organizational network spread over 10 UCs, comprising 79 villages.  There are village / ward councils, constituted of 3 designated members (member usher / zakat committee, president masjid committee and a retired government servant residing in the area, having good reputation).  These members perform the below mentioned rolls:-
  • Inform their communities of all the happenings / events being organized by the trust, while ensuring their fullest participation.
  • Communicate emergent medical attention needs of the people in their respective areas, besides verifying the credentials of patients deserving for free/ concessional medical treatment.
  • Identify suitable women (already working as TBAs), to be trained as Community Midwives

Future Plan

  • Quality healthcare services at MMBT Hospital for mother & child health will available to cater for the target community by equipping
  • Population of the target area will be made well aware about health issues they face in their daily lives
  • Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs) will be trained at village level for safe handling of deliveries in district Jhelum and these trained TBAs will establish Mother & Child Heath (MCH) Centres at village/muhallah level. Suitably selected women, motivated to adopt this profession or the already working Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs) in the villages will be imparted training for safe handling of deliveries in domiciliary settings. These midwives will be on mobile phone contact with the Gynaecology/Obstetrics Department of MMBT Hospital.  They will be guided and if needed evacuation of the laboring patients to the hospital or at the site attendance by a qualified team/ doctor will be arranged.  The trained TBAs will be provided interest free loans to set up the MCH facilities at village/muhallah level.
  • The Trust is planning a Mobile Community Outreach Programme (MCOP) for provision of health services at the doorsteps of people in the surrounding villages following 7 rural UCs of Tehsil Dina & Jhelum, having an approximate population of 250,000
  • Paramedical school will be established in the MMBT Hospital to train midwives, male nurses and paramedics.
  • Health education for prevention of diseases and promotion of health, will be provided to the target population
  • Safe drinking water will be available in all villages/localities within the target area of MMBT hospital through rehabilitation of abandoned schemes of safe drinking water as well as installation of new schemes by the concerned authorities.
  • Liaison will be developed with education department and target community to increase enrollment of children and quality of education in schools.
  • The Trust plans to impart First Aid training to the teachers in public and private schools.