Mother & Child Health Center of Excellence

MMBT: Organizational Profile and Track Record

Mian Muhammad Bukhsh Trust (MMBT) is an independent certified not for profit organization in internal governance financial management and Programme delivery to provide basic Health and Education with a vision of healthy and prosperous community and society. MMBT started its journey of philanthropy in 1995 by donating a plot of land, approximately 5000 Square meters, for the education of girls. This project for female education set a good example of public private partnership when handed over to the Education Department. The facility was upgraded to Girls High School in 2006. The Trust organizes free medical camps annually in collaboration with Hope International Development Agency, Punjab Medical Association (PMA), Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (PPMA), Jhelum Royal Lions Club, The Health Department, District Headquarters Hospital Jhelum, Fauji Foundation Hospitals and the Paramedical School Jhelum. Thousands of people get free treatment (including provision of free medicines) from these camps. The trust has been running Outpatients clinic at its hospital complex site for several years now, where thousands of community members, especially mothers and children get free medical consultation and medicines. MMBT is involved and actively participates in several community based philanthropic and social causes.

Background / Problem / Need Statement

Millennium Development Goals MDGs 3, 4, 5 and 6 are pivotal to MMBT programs and Mother & Child Health (MCH) which is one of the most serious, growing, neglected and affecting problems in Pakistan. While certain organizations have worked at their level and initiatives started at either governmental or nongovernmental level, there has not been a concerted, cohesive, ongoing comprehensive effort with all-inclusive stakeholders. This is one of the few issues that affect everyone individually as well as the entire society collectively. The following figures give us an idea of the gravity of the situation.

  • 99% of maternal deaths from childbirths occur in the developing world.
  • More than 500,000 women die of pregnancy related complications and childbirth every year.
  • Infant mortality rate in Pakistan is greater than 1 in 10 compared to 1 in 143 in developed countries.
  • Inexperienced, nonprofessional provision of mother and child healthcare services due to lack of management, infrastructure, logistics and financial, geographic and cultural barriers.
  • Lack of institutional capacity, poor training, overall shortages and inequity in availability of health professionals, lack of compensation for the professionals, lack of clarity over need, demand and supply.
  • Program inadequacy; limited or non-existing guidelines and strategic framework for provision of basic MCH.
  • Lack of awareness about the care needed on the part of the main stakeholders i.e. mothers and children.
  • Mother and Child health lies in the peripheries of lowest priorities of the policy makers and practitioners and is rundown by serious governance Issues.

In 2015, Millennium Development Goals have been replaced by sustainable development goals. Attached is a paper, which can help us focus in our outreach and funding opportunities.

Purpose / Rationale / Description


While MMBT has been working in the health sector for several years and have provided services to hundreds of patients, Overtime Mother and Child Health (MCH) is taken up as one of our most strategic and priority healthcare issue. The underlying philosophy of our emphasis on educating the mothers in the MCH program is best found in the words of Rudy Manikan, “If you educate a man you educate a person, but if you educate a woman you educate a family.” In a male-dominated society where education opportunities for common people are few, women are further less likely to receive them.


Mian Muhammad Bukhsh Trust, MCH, Center of Excellence is a Healthcare enabling and service delivery framework designed to help in improving the health of mothers and children by increasing access to high quality healthcare services through capacity building, women empowerment and entrepreneurial framework.  The Center will perform four pivotal functions:

  1. Healthcare Services to Mothers and Children
  2. Capacity Building programs for the stakeholders
  3. Research and Development on relevant areas
  4. Advocacy and Activism related to MCH legislation and Public Policy initiatives
  1. Healthcare Services to Mothers and Children, MMBT Mother and Child Health (MCH) program is uniquely devised to utilize maximum potential of existing rural MCH staff consisting of women as midwives performing the following traditional functions:
  1. Family planning help and support
  2. Basic healthcare to pregnant women
  3. Delivery and
  4. Neonatal care and Post natal care

For the availability of basic health facilities especially for mothers and children, the project goal is to set up a round the clock emergency service in the center of excellence that includes:

  1. 24×7 ambulatory service
  2. Trained professionals and first responders
  3. Enhanced services at Out-Patient Department
  1. Capacity Buildings of the stakeholders with education, training and by making an enabling environment available through Mother and Child Healthcare training Centers that provide;
  1. Basic and comprehensive education and hands-on training programs; short courses, certificate trainings and diplomas in specialized programs including but not limited to:
  • Paramedics
  • Midwifery
  • Nursing
  • Support Staff
  • Laboratory Services
  • Patient care and Services
  • Technicians
  • Personalized care
  1. Awareness workshops, seminars and programs
  2. Technical and Vocational Training
  3. Development of and support in Professional, Technical and Physical infrastructure
  1. Research and Development is one of the core functions of all MMBT programs. We believe in  evidence based clinical practice and service delivery. Through research & Development, MMBT is committed to supporting an environment, facilitating delivery of quality health services to the users/community and attracting the best staff into the program.
  1. Advocacy and Activism play a pivotal role in getting any issue or problem recognized, increasing awareness and favorable legislation. Our Advocacy and Activism activities include the following:
  1. Dialogues amongst key stakeholders on pressing health issues
  2. Conference and informational seminars
  3. Networking of  Lawmakers
  4.  Close liaison with  media
  5. Publication of  analyses and reports


Mian Muhammad Bukhsh Trust, along with its national and international collaborating partners, has been working to help build capacity through different programmatic interventions in different thematic areas related to Mother and Child healthcare. We intend to expand and intensify our work using the strategies, which we have been using overtime to implement the program successfully for the Mother and Child Health Center of Excellence. Center of Excellence has elaborate plans to implement its above explained 4 mandates in three phases.

Hard Facts

Phase I

The Center will be performing its all four core functions. A Mother and Child Health Center (MCHC) will be established at Bukhsh Hospital as a pilot project to smoothen out and test run the model. A woman including the traditional birth attendant from the remote villages of 7 union councils included in the pilot project shall be selected and imparted community midwife training. She will be facilitated in establishing a satellite MCH center in her house/village. MMBT will arrange soft interest free loan from Akhuwat, RCDS and other micro financing providers. The remote MCH center will be linked with Bukhsh Hospital for telephonic advice by the gynecologist. On site attendance by qualified staff and evacuation to the hospital if needed will also be provided.    The Center will help the community in not just MCH but also in general medical emergencies and, health and fitness programs. The MCHCs will run as professional self-sustained not for profit units.

Phase II

Once phase I is well in the implementation mode, we will kick off phase II of the program that involves enhancing the services and program offerings as well as expanding the geographic area of the program by incorporating all Union Councils of the district. Every Union Council will have fully operating MCHCs, either within or along the style of Basic Health Units, supplied with competent and professional staff.




Phase III

After the MCHCs have been fully functional and successfully operating, the MMBT MCH Center of Excellence will be ready to offer its expertise and resources to other organizations and institutions with identical mission, goals and objectives at the national level and elsewhere in the world on not for profit  and  global community spirit.

Collaborating Organizations

The members of these organizations are responsible for developing the proposed program.

Organizations   Relation to program
Mian Muhammad Bukhsh Trust   Primary Program Development & Execution partner
Mian Muhammad Bukhsh Trust   UK
Mian Muhammad Bukhsh Trust   CANADA
Pakistan Red Crescent Society   Pakistan
Akhuwat Foundation   Pakistan
Hope International Development Agency   Canada
Helping Hand for Relief and Development   USA


MMBT Board and the team of executives, as a policy have incorporated sustainability in the core values and the strategy. This spirit of sustainability reflects in every program and project of the Trust. Mother and Child Health Center of Excellence was founded on the same principals of sustainability and some of our ways and means to achieve sustainability all the way are listed as follows:

Trust Endowment

Endowment of the trust supports and gives core stability to each project. Chairperson and all the family members, along with several other friends of the trust, donated pricey urban residential land to the trust accumulating a significant asset base. Current and promised value of MMBT endowment is in excess of PKR 260 Million (2.5 million US$) expected to rise sharply in next year or so due to ambitious urban development work going on the Trust residential scheme.

Collaborating Organizations / Barter

We have always believed in collaborating on strategic and/or periodic, project basis. Collaborations range from sharing vision and goals to accumulating material and intellectual resources for a greater synergistic value.

Revenue Generated through Products and Services

Revenue will be generated through:

  • Medical services especially inpatient private rooms for affluent patients who’d like to donate to the hospital or pay for the services.
  • Training programs offered at the medical school, and
  • Research and Development services offered to other organizations.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Continuing commitment of businesses to contribute to economic and social development, while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as the local community and the society cannot be overemphasized. CSR will play a major role by highlighting the performance of CoE in a transparent and cohesive manner and will result in better understanding from the community about the challenges that this sector faces.

Organizational and Individual Donors

We welcome donations from individuals or organizations who believe in our cause and corporate social responsibility. We have made a range of ‘giving’ options available to such donors from raffles, collection tins to regular periodic donations. We do reach out with solicited and/or unsolicited grants and funding proposals to donors whose goals align with ours.


MMBT tradition is to involve the community at home or overseas in its programs and activities and hence plans several fundraising events a year. Ranging from coffee mornings, fundraising dinners, shows, concerts, sponsored walks etc. and the aim of such community-oriented events is to raise awareness on the issue, encourage participation and collaboration.

Sponsorships / Dedications

Dedication and attributions are one of the basic features of our program, which is conducted as a guarantee to success. We professionally value the suggestions, ideas, sponsorships and contribution of the community members and engage the donors to dedicate their donations in the name of their loved ones.

Expected outcomes

  1. Improved MCH Network
  2. Increased number of trained MCH professionals
  3. More responsive and responsible MCH emergency management system
  4. Enhanced networking of and among MCH professionals
  5. Robust Capacity Building education, research and development network
  6. Publications:
  • Research Studies
  • Professional and Scientific Journal
  • Periodic Online / Print Magazine
  • Electronic Content
  • Project reports

Implementing Schedule

The Center of Excellence is being placed in action from June 2017 in the process of devising designs to formulate implementable programs. Tentative implementation schedule of the program is as follows:


  Nature of activities Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7 Q8 Q9 Q10
0 Conceptual Framework X
1 Medical Service Delivery X X X
2 Education Programs X X X
3 Research and Development X X X
4 UC level MCH Centers Setup X X X
5 Help and Support Network X X X
6 Nationwide Knowledge and Experiences Sharing X X X X
7 Enabling Environment  Provisioning X X X X