Free Medical Camp

Free Medical Camp

On the 104th death Anniversary of Mian Muhammad Bukhsh, a free medical camp was organized by Mian Muhammad Buksh Trust (MMBT) on 23rd January at the site of Bukhsh Hospital Dhanayala. The camp started at 9 am and continued uninterrupted till 5 pm. In the camp about 700 patients, from nearby villages of Jhelum Plains,  were treated by more than 22 leading consultants assisted by 32 parameds in the fields of Medicine,  Surgery, Gynecology, Orthopaedics, Opthalmology, E.N.T., Dermatology, Cardiology and Psychiatry from Jhelum and other parts of  the country. Patients were provided free of cost consultation, treatment & necessary lab investigations (wherever necessary). Patients were advised to visit Medical OPD run by MMBT for flow up, in care of need. Apart of patients, leading members of community also visited the Medical Camp to share their blessings. Camp concluded peacefully at 5pm and patients were advised to attempt Medical OPD for flow up treatment. It ended with a role of thanks by the Chairman of MMBT, Mushtaq Hussain Bargatt, to philanthropists, PDMA of Lion Club and Consultants (especially PMA Jhelum) for their valuable contribution in making the Medical Camp a success.

The statistics of the Medical camp provided by the Free Medical Camp Management Committee are:-

Patients covered:

Male: 237

Female: 353

Child: 107

Total: 697

Spot Laboratory Tests given:

  • Lab: 200
  • Hepatitis 107 + 1-7 = 214
  • Cholesterol 15
  • Urea 10
  • Haemoglobin 60
  • ECG 90
  • Ultra sound 33
  • Blood sugar 133

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